IVR System for Customer Services

In the bubbling mist of entrant technologies, IVR blossoms a fair deal. Interactive Voice Response is how it expands, and it is designed to allow system and human amicability and interaction simultaneously. It works with voices and tones that are both prerecorded and dynamically generated. In the present day, it is used for electronic purchases, e-payments, utilities, travel information and weather predictions. But given its humongous capability and popularity, it can be easily integrated into a business development plan to up the game of your brand. The most basic advantage being its use as a phone caller system wherein the information input by the user lets the company more clearly organize their incoming calls as applicable to their needs.

The many facets of this technology that can prove to be a boon to your brand and IVR for small business likewise are discussed below—

  • IVR and banking:

Banks are home to a plethora of services and they have the stage to fully exploit the tricks of IVR. Key information can be disclosed by the callers, who in this case are the customers, and re-routing them to different portals can be implemented in a hassle-free manner. It also means that services can respond to a 24*7 duty call. For a business, banking intermediates are resolved and human labor for redirection is not required. It also ensures that clients get a quick response and fights for the long-term battle of customer satisfaction.


  • High Influx of Customers:

Calling is unarguably a relatively simple method compared to other arenas of communication. An interactive keypad makes it further easy. Thus, the most direct noticeable change will be the influx of callers. Here the prime benefit again is that multiple callers can be catered to simultaneously and all of this doesn’t swamp the time of any employee. This corks out the bottleneck and reduces the glut of callers demanding attention.


  • Brand Consolidating:

The succinct messages by the IVR voices the vision and gateway to the brand associated with it. Every single requirement of the customer is affably dealt with. IVR solution providers are also a marketer’s go to for research purposes. The polls, surveys, offers and strategies of various brands and demographics are out for show through their IVR systems which makes market research exponentially easier. The company can also link its IVR and CRM systems together to create a unit that deals with data analysis and client satisfaction in tandem.


  • Mobile Marketing:

IVR systems and marketing, meet in conjunction at the delta of mobile marketing. Taking cold calls is a hard chance, but with IVR you can automate the process of reaching out to targeted clients. In-house IVR systems are economically less compelling than outsourcing the same to telemarketers or insourcing them to staff. There’s also data attached to IVR systems, so following a marketing campaign, you can analyze which sections are responsive to further tailor make you campaigns.


  • Client interaction:

IVR helps you to streamline the customer feedback feeding processes and make plentiful use of polls and outway bound surveys which are the most underrated tricks of the magician, that here is IVR. Business longevity as experience teaches you runs closely on a line of proportionality with customer satisfaction. IVR calls are personalized yet scripted campaigns, undoubtedly a win-win for both parties involved. They help you gain insight into the thoughts of your customers. Notifications too can be sent easily to the client. In a way, time conservation is also an added advantage as it appeases clients, minimal yet effective usage of time is a given with IVR implementation.


  • Increased efficiency of employees:

This is definitely a pleasant unforeseen effect of implementing the IVR. It as discussed earlier cuts the demand of human workforce by a few notches. In addition to this, since calls will be more effectively organized, employees can hone their skills in more specialized and specific arenas. With an IVR technology in place, employees can focus on one single subject, instead of needing to master all the various aspects of the brand’s services. Further, call routing eliminates the human error of incorrectly transferred calls. When looking for Sales, a client will never have to worry about callously being transferred to any other department because it is computer-based applications that run the show and not human-based customer support.


The bottom line is clearly that, businesses with IVR technology often seem cohesive and extremely professional. The image of the company is given a major boost and it can even make your operation seem to be much more widespread than in reality. Interactive voice response (IVR) systems aren’t just for the bigger enterprises. Even marketing companies and brands that are starting out can win big from adopting the small business IVR technology. The opportunities and possibilities are limitless and infinite.


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