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IVR VoIP Service
VoIP IVR (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a standout amongst the most creative product of Intellogue that instantly engages your clients with your delegates through the most helpful media – voice calls.
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Hosted PBX IVR
We set up real-time PBX IVR system for your business with multiple extensions and several other features like voicemail, call waiting, conference call, call forwarding, phone directory, call center routing strategies, etc.
website social media integration
Business Phone System
Intellogue offers the most reliable and flexible phone systems for businesses (small or medium-size) would want in a phone service. Communicate, collaborate and compete better with small business VoIP IVR phone systems.
Engage Your Customers Anywhere, Anytime.


Our chat services help the business make more through their website by delivering the expertise, tool, and agents to proactively engage visitors via live chat. Our 24/7 managed live chat also helps increase customer retention by providing a high level of customer service and assistance whenever they need. Contact us to find out how we can increase sales for all our clients.
Keep Visitors Stay Longer On Your Website

Website Social Media Integration

By integrating social media on your website, you’re helping your visitors to connect and engage with your business. It can get you links, engagement and website traffic. We help you set up, integrate and deploy the social media help desk to your website, designing the look and functionality of the social connections on your pages.
Hosted PBX, VoIP IVR, Micro Call Centre Solutions & Much More…

IVR Solution Providers

Intellogue gives a complete suite of IVR solutions for small business that can be used for sales, customer support, and marketing. Respond to your customer queries with professional IVR, reduce caller waiting time and handle large call volumes. Choose a personal IVR number from a pool of local, international, toll-free and virtual phone numbers.
Local Number

USE Local Phone Numbers to Double Conversion

With our local phone number service, you can establish a local presence anywhere in the USA, even without a physical office. Your local number will route the call to your landline or mobile of your choice like any other call. It comes with flexible call handling options that help capture leads and keep your customers happy on the phone.
Toll Free Number
Forward calls to your mobile phone for free with toll-free numbers (1800 numbers)
Phone Attendant
Replace your phone attendant with pre-recorded phone messages with PBX IVR system
Call Tracking System
Measure your ad campaign success, get dedicated call tracking number for each ad.
Auto Routing Calls
Reduce phone handling time for your small business using Intellogue VoIP IVR
Chat Agents
Virtual & In-house Employee's
Issue's Resolved
OUR Delivery's
providing the best of our services to the clients is our first priority.

The Benefits of Using an IVR PBX System


Choose the product that you really need!


Freebie Plan
  • ✔ Install Live chat Free trial for 7 Days
  • ✔ Setup IVR/PBX System Free trial for 7 Days


Premium Plan
Complete Set-up Live WebChat Software on Your Website
  • ✔ Set up agents and departments
  • ✔ Create personalized greeting messages
  • ✔ Create set of pre-canned messages
  • ✔ Setup auto-capture e-mail ids
  • ✔ Upsell and down-sell opportunities
  • ✔ Multi-level chat routing
  • ✔ Urgent service @ 2X rates
  • ✔ Airtime billing system


Business Plan
Intellogue IVR/PBX System
  • ✔ Set up any announcements
  • ✔ Set up urgent messages.
  • ✔ Auto attendant
  • ✔ Call forwarding, call routing, and more
  • ✔ Set up clear directions on your IVR
  • ✔ Interactive directory
  • ✔ Unlimited calls and extensions
  • ✔ Number porting
  • ✔ Toll free numbers (1800)
  • ✔ 100% Managed Cloud Service
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