5 Amazing Virtual Phone System Features That Can Save Up To 70% on Your Monthly Telephone Bill

Virtual Phone System: The 5 Amazing Features to Move Your Business Phone to the Cloud

Your customers are the lifeline of your small business. They want to talk to you, and it’s getting harder to connect with a real person.there are many Virtual phone system makes your work easier.

Customer service is at the center of every business’s success. More companies are automating telephone support to save money, but are losing business in the process.

73% of marketers would more prominently feature phone numbers in their marketing emails if they could track data efficiently.

Without a phone system, you’re not easy to reach. For small and mid-sized business (SMB) owners, it’s not “just phones.” When deciding on a new phone system, you are shopping for a primary conduit for customer relationships, communication, and the ability to earn revenue.

When running a small business, there are some considerations to take into account when looking for a choice of phone system such as: –

• Cost savings
• Easy setup
• Ability to choose your number
• Stay productive while on the move
• Maintain a professional appearance

Therefore, small business owners are moving towards virtual phone systems to compete with other business owners and take place in a competitive market. Call charges are very low and help you reach a broad customer base globally.

Virtual Phone System

A Virtual Phone System is a virtual private branch exchange (PBX) system designed particularly for businesses that need a variety of calling and messaging services, such as call routing, voicemail, fax, and extensions.

Virtual phone systems will make your life easier as you can:

1) Work from anywhere
2) Redirect the calls quickly
3) Get a professional image
4) Grow with your business
5) Maximize the cost-savings

All virtual phone systems are not created equal, and numerous features that help your business to look its best. For higher productivity, today’s business owners need virtual numbers with follow-me capabilities that can re-route incoming calls. They also want other features to make it easier to collaborate with their employees and customers. Some new available features such as:

 Click to call button

An integrated telephone directory with click to call makes it easy for your web visitors to place calls directly from the website. You can place the click to call on any website and configure it to forward calls to your virtual phone, IVR, etc.

 Never miss a phone call with Call Continuity

Call Continuity feature helps to build your company image. This feature shows availability and the context for the call, also detects the loss of phone connectivity, re-route your calls to a backup number of your choice. So that you get maximum uptime for the call service that lost due to power or internet outage.


With an auto-attendant, businesses are routing calls efficiently to connect your callers to the right agent available quickly. This eliminates the cost of a full-time receptionist. It ensures a positive experience for your callers, as well as gets you more business revenue.

 Call Forwarding

A call forwarding feature in a virtual phone system lets you route calls to wherever your business takes you. This allows you to reach customers globally and take business calls anytime, anywhere in the home, office, etc.

 Conference calls

Conference calls feature can accommodate the workforce these days by replacing daily meetings at your office or anywhere. Conference calls are speedy, reduces travel costs and also you don’t have to dial anymore that adds up to your business.

Wrapping up

Choosing the right service features for business makes your customers happy and even more productive employees. Intellogue offers local and toll-free virtual numbers with the best of business communication solutions that will make your business look big and impress your potential customers.

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