5 Easy & Powerful Virtual PBX Phone System Tips Your Business Needs

Your business’s phone system is the lifeline to your customers and suppliers. Choosing the right business phone system is an important decision that can have a long-term and proper planning for the future. The times of complex virtual phone systems have passed and are replaced by sophisticated phone systems like voice over internet protocol(VoIP) and private branch exchange (Virtual PBX).

Virtual PBX Phone Systems for Small Business

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone network used within a company or organization. The Virtual PBX phone system users can easily communicate using various communication channels like VoIP, ISDN, etc., anywhere in the world. PBX phone systems for small business eventually became more accessible and affordable as they can host their PBX systems in any location or small space.

Virtual PBX is a budget-friendly phone system for small business that can be hosted and maintained offsite. It provides features like calls transfer, calls recording, voicemail, calls forwarding, IVRs, etc., for easy communication between the users. It offers lots of benefits like:

• Give off busy signals
• Unlimited extensions
• Dial by name directory
• Call screening features
• Toll-free or local numbers

Virtual PBX phone system for small business can control more calls and route to your business using VoIP over the Internet. While it depends on your budget, requirements, and features you want to get the best PBX system.

Give Your Small Business a Competitive Edge with PBX Tips

Improving customer service and being competitive are most important to get success for any business. Besides the advantages and powerful features of PBX phone systems, you should consider these tips and tricks to customize your communications strategy, increase productivity and improve customer experience. These tips can help you do just that.

1) Call Tracking & Measure Campaigns

PBX phone systems for business help you track the phone call data of multiple phone numbers. Having a separate phone number for each channel that forwards calls to a different number, and that system could track when calls are made.
The real-time analytics and call tracking features on PBX phone systems help you track lead sources, their call duration and monitors them. You can identify the campaigns that are driving phone calls, track incoming & outgoing calls, request for caller ID data, etc.

2) Call Forwarding & Auto-attendant

The Call Forwarding feature is used to control the calls and allows conditional forwarding of calls between the users. You don’t have to purchase extra hardware for using call forwarding to use a PBX phone system.

Call forwarding feature routes the call to another number that may be your mobile, office phone, etc., set by the user. You can set up an auto-attendant that can forward calls to the right agent at your business to make sure you don’t miss a call.

3) Organize your communication system with Ring groups and Prefixes

You can easily manage your communication system by using the feature known as Ring groups to share and distribute calls among employees in specific departments. It is used to create a single extension number that can be dialed to multiple numbers at the same time.

Likewise, prefixes in PBX phone systems are used to track the incoming calls and monitor the interactions of the caller demands. A custom prefix is displayed when a caller chooses an option from the quick menu, and the call rings to that specific department.

4) Conference Calling on PBX

It is the most powerful feature of PBX phone systems as it can communicate with a large number of callers over the phone. It cuts down traveling costs for attending meetings and can be made 24×7 anytime, anywhere.

You can set up your conference calls in many countries and ask your participants to join your conference call with a phone number located in their country. Moreover, you can monitor the conference calls, lock the conference anytime and make it password protected for better security.

5) Setup Time Conditions

There may be a time when business owners went on a vacation, or not available in the office, or attending meetings. And this may lose you potential customers that affect your business.

So setup time conditions options like publishing office hours, making announcements, urgent messages, auto-attendant, driving directions to right directions, etc. This will help to forward calls and also let peoples know about your current office status.


A virtual PBX system has lots of features besides these that will help you to achieve all of your business communication requirements. Overall these simple tips can be more effective, highly cost-effective and beneficial for small businesses as it saves lots of money. If you are a start-up or small business owner, Intellogue virtual PBX and IVR system based in New Jersey will work 24/7* like a secretary to provide the best service.

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