5 Ways Virtual PBX/IVR Can Reduce Your Time & Effort on Phone Calls Today!

When it comes to customer satisfaction & best experiences, the time and effort on phone calls play a major role when a customer interacts with your brand. Phone calls are such a particular area where the effort level required by the caller can either become a customer satisfaction liability or asset.

There is something that irritates your customers i.e. long waiting times when they call you and which results in missed calls, unhappy customers and hence you lose them. Research shows that 70% of people experience call waiting and 36.9% of them are okay with this as their waiting time was short.

Do you know most of the companies lose about 8-15% of their customer base each year and 68% of those are due to unpleasant phone treatment, with call waiting is topping the charts.

No Longer Wait Times – Virtual PBX/IVR System Works 24/7*.

One of the options that help reduce these waiting times is the implementation of a Virtual PBX/IVR in your phone system. Customer service can be enhanced by taking the leverage of PBX/IVR systems and streamlining business processes. This increases call flow and facilitate a convenient experience for customers.

Having a Virtual PBX/IVR system in your company, you can reduce the waiting time of your customers and also can give better customer service by:

• Directing the calls to right agents
• Avoiding call transfers among agents which can be very annoying for your customers.
• Building a strong company’s image
• Reducing call-handling times
• Facilitating speech recognition capabilities
• Increasing revenue

PBX/IVR system offers a simple, easy way to accomplish a task, and serves as a way to collect customer details for the more personalized service experience. Implementing an IVR system is extremely beneficial for call centers that aren’t able to appoint more agents to answer all incoming calls.

Here are some of the best ways that you can utilize in your business to reduce your time and effort on phone calls and grow customers efficiently.

1) Connect your customers to multiple locations

Have your business set up in multiple locations with PBX/IVR technology and interacts with your customers anytime, anywhere. There is no extra hardware or software required and no maintenance needed from your side.
It is integrated into cloud technology, so it keeps the convenience by offering best-agent, skills-based and location-based routing.

2) Handle high-volume of sales and customer inquiries

You can make and receive calls at the same time, receive every caller, put the caller on hold and return to the call again with its multiple call handling features. You can attend a large volume of calls from customers, clients or vendors in a growing business.
The customers are either placed in a queue or can opt for a call back to get their questions answered. It restricts the need for additional agents in your business as IVR systems are built to streamline communications and allow you to do more business.

3) Effective customized greetings

Customized greetings are integral to business success as they set the tone for complete interaction, which builds customer loyalty and satisfaction. Customized greetings like a welcome greeting, IVR greeting, waiting message, delay announcement, business hours, etc., can be set up to save you as well as your receptionist’s time.

4) Route calls and more with VoIP

Using VoIP can help you to serve your incoming callers faster and more efficiently while freeing up your additional live agents to focus on the task. You can take-up calls on your mobile, landline or via the internet whatever suits your needs.
IVR technology combines automated speech recognition, text to speech and conferencing capabilities to provide your customers with an enhanced experience while saving your team time and effort.

5) Speed, mobility, and reliability with the Hosted PBX system

PBX system will help you cut down the costs of having multiple extensions of a phone for your business. In PBX or private branch exchange systems, all the phone extensions are connected internally to simplify your business services.
It allows automation of several tasks that otherwise require hardware or agent support, reducing the cost and effort.


Many companies are looking to save their service costs by delivering top quality customer experiences. The virtual PBX/IVR system is the best solution for your small business with a host of powerful features to make your communications flexible. This can reduce time and effort for callers, helps greater business impact, and thus everyone wins.

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