7 Reasons for installing Live Chat in Your Website in 2020

7 Reasons for installing Live Chat in Your Website

In this digital era, we can see a drastic change in the shopping style. So it has become the need of the day to change the style of customer care by installing live chat on your website.

Customer satisfaction is the keynote of business growth. New and innovative practices and tools touch various stages of the customer cycle like pre-sale, post-sale and customer retention are taken care of.

Live chat is a tool that can take care of the customer to his / her best satisfaction. It guarantees real-time customer service and rapid resolution to the customer pain points.


1. Increase Conversion
2. Faster Problem Solution
3. Comfort and Convenience for Customers
4. Cost-effective
5. Saves time
6. Best Customer Satisfaction
7. Trust and Loyalty


Increase Conversion


increase conversion by live chat


Live chat helps make quick buying decisions while he/ she is on the website. It gives quick answers to queries or problems. So the visitor can make a well-informed decision instantly.

The report by eMarketer says “35%more people made a purchase online after using live chat”. A smart agent gets the door open to prompt the buying decision.


Faster Problem Solution

solution for chat


In times of customer queries, you may have articles or documents to support. You can instantly push links to those documents via the live chat window.

The customers can help themselves instead of depending on you for step by step resolution in the troubleshooting process.

Moreover, there is the screen saving option to facilitate troubleshooting of even the most complex issues very effectively.


Comfort and Convenience for Customers]


Answering a live person during the process of online shopping is the most attractive part of the live chat.

It helps make the right buying decision instantly. This on the spot conversation facility is available 24×7. So, one need not be bothered about office hours.



it is cost effective

When compared to email and phone calls, it gives better service at a lower cost. Moreover, an agent can engage in multiple chats simultaneously.

So the work can be done by a small team. When compared to emails, the chat is about 50% cheaper.


Saves Time

saves time chatting


Research shows that the average response time to emails is 12 hours. But live chat is 100% faster with its real-time conversation when the customer is on your website.

Delay in response means the loss of customers.


Best Customer Satisfaction

best customer satisfaction

A website with a chat option prompts visitors to interact with the agent. Once the conversation starts, the chat representative comes to the scene with the best options or solutions or offers.

It is reported that the customer satisfaction level for phone calls is 44% and for email 61%. More than 77% of customers are not interested in buying if the website has no chat tool.


Trust and Loyalty

trust and loyalty to customers


The instant and hassle-free live chat makes customer support easy and develops loyalty.

In online business, customers are not supported by a smart salesperson to establish trust and ensure the sale. Here comes the live chat representative with the direct conversation.

Trust is very important in eCommerce. Without trust, nobody will dare to share personal details and contact information. Studies and reports say that 90% of the customers have confidence in live chat.


Live Chat Helps Up-selling and Cross-selling

up-selling and cross-selling ease


You can increase the average order value by up-selling. The live chat representative can recommend a product/ service that meets the requirements and the purchasing power of the customers.

The sale of accessories also can be promoted. Information regarding the latest discounts and offers also can be given.


If you have a medium or small scale business, it is time for you to think about a live chat tool on your website. It will give the look and feel of a big company. Intellogue is a customer care service provider that can help you install live chat on your website at an affordable cost. You also get a live chat representative that will handle your website visitors’ queries. You can visit us at www.intellogue.com

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