Be Smart on Keyboard, You Get the Key to Success on live chat in 2020

Be Smart on Keyboard, You Get the Key to Success on live chat

We belong to the new generation of Artificial intelligence. There are software’s available for voice type conversation. But touch typing has not become obsolete. Why? Artificial Intelligence can never replace the human brain, it can only support. key to success in typing on live chat are.

Typing for live chat

We Are Intellogue

In Intellogue . We provide Live chat. Live chat is an application or software that enables you and your website visitor to chat in real time. When they visit your website, your customer will see a button or an icon indicating web chat services.

What are the different types of Keyboards?

More than 9 types of keyboards are available in the market. Some of them are Ergonomic, Mechanical, Membrane, Virtual Gaming, and Lazer.

QWERT is the most common and comfortable for a general computer user. But for professional typists, any keyboard can be selected based on one’s comfort and convenience.

Why Typing Speed for Customer Care is Crucial?

As a customer care agent, you will have to interact with potential customers as well as existing customers via chat, email or social media. So you need to type.

Faster typing speed helps you contact more customers within a short time. This, in turn, brings more customers and more Revenue.

A quick response is the best way to satisfy customers. It saves time, both for you and your customers. On the other hand, any delay in response evokes dissatisfaction and a feeling of being neglected.

A late response may not be even attended by the customer. By the time he might have gone to your competitor. Many a time you will have to handle multiple customers. This is the reason why typing speed is crucial. Typing speed is an important criterion for the recruitment of customer care agents.

How can you increase your typing speed?

1. Follow typing rules strictly

Speed cannot be at the cost of accuracy. If you are deviating from the rules, there is a chance for making more mistakes. It will affect the speed also.

2. Hand Position

Sit straight with your hands in L Shape.

3. Arm Position

Place your arms on the table, not higher than the keyboard. The rest mode of the arm on the table will help increase speed and reduce strain on your fingers.

4. Body Position

Optimize the distance between you and the monitor, the keyboard and the armrest. Adjust the height of the chair to your comfort level.

Use all fingers for typing. These are small things, but, count a lot in increasing the typing, speed especially when you have to type for a long time.

5. Short Break

When you feel tired after typing for a long time, take a break. Your fatigue will affect your concentration, resulting in less speed and more mistakes.

6. Use the ideal Keyboard to Practise

A laptop keyboard is not advisable for practice. Use full functional desktop only

Is there any short cut to increase typing speed?

Absolutely, No. Practice makes perfect. So practice, practice, practice. With your sustained effort, you will be able to type with your eyes on the screen. The fingers will take care of the keyboard. Once you acquire speed along with accuracy, you will be able to handle multiple customers very effectively and become your key to success in typing on live chat.

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