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Business Phone Systems
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Business Phone Systems

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Exceptional Voice Quality, Unlimited Calls & Extensions,
and more starting at

$29 p.m.

Intellogue offers the most reliable and flexible business phone system (for small or medium-size) would want in a phone service. Communicate, collaborate and compete better with small business VoIP IVR phone systems.

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Choosing the right small business phone system cloud can be a complex task as so many options available in the market. But with our team experts, you can relax as we understand your goals and requirements and explain the options. Whether it’s a small business or a large enterprise, we provide flexible phone solutions that help you perform and communicate with a big company – without any high price tag!

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The phone system for business comes in different shapes, sizes, and brands. Choosing a wireless phone system for a business that offers the best fit is easy with Intellogue. Whether you are looking for a cloud-based OR on-site business phone system for low monthly charges?
Or prefer IVR VoIP business phone system for your business? We can assist you to get the best one including all the features you would expect.

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We offer cloud-based phone system, PBX IVR, VoIP IVR phone solutions and hosted business phone systems in New Jersey at a low price.

Flexibility-We provide phone systems that are flexible and can be used for voice calls, voice messages, instant messaging, call management, etc.

Features-There are different features to take advantage of our cloud-based phone systems, hosted phone systems, VoIP, PBX systems, etc.

Security-High voice-quality and secure incoming calls make our phone system the reliable service for communication without any decrease.

Work Anywhere– Use your desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet to make a call on your office extension, all just as if you were in the office.

Grow Easily– With our cloud-based IVR PBX & business phone system, you can add new offices, new employees, and new features easily & quickly.

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Intellogue offers a wide range of solutions depending on your business requirements including hosted or virtual phone systems reviews, IVR VoIP, toll free number and PBX IVR. You can manage all your calls, forward/record/route them, provide IVR menu to your callers, perform group calling, extension dialing, auto attendant, conference calling and more.

Unbeatable Value-Take your business to the cloud using hosted PBX and hosted VoIP system.There are fewer set-up charges, no maintenance costs or buying any expensive hardware. All you need is an internet connection and pre-configured IP phones to start with a hosted business phone system. We offer zero maintenance virtual board phones with PBX IVR solutions for small business @ $5 p.m, ready to use.

Rich Features– Manage all your business communication activities in the cloud. Connect and talk with the customers in any location. Add agents or employees, measure their performance on calls. Track your business call traffic with ad tracking numbers and get the details of the calls missed, received and forwarded. Set up IVR and 5 extensions on the free hosted PBX IVR phone system on Intellogue.com @$20 only.

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