Easy Click 2 Call

Click to Call Solution – Instantly Engage and Sell Your Online Customers

Intellogue allows you to convert website visitors into customers using Click to call service.

Click to Call is a standout amongst the most creative product of Intellogue

Click to Call is a standout amongst the most creative product of Intellogue that instantly engages your clients with your delegates through the most helpful media – voice calls. Click-to-Call encourages the advertisers and marketers to improve brand loyalty, with better understanding and advance call focus assets.

Click to Call service enables your guests to effortlessly connect with you

It is an effective component that can without much of a stretch be installed on a website to coordinate Click to Call service that enables your guests to effortlessly connect with you and ask their questions or pick up data about the administration or item they are keen on the website, without even have to dial a number, that is the best option you can think of.

What is Call Us button

Callus Button is a cool feature that allows your website visitors make a toll free voice call to you while they are visiting your Web pages. If the customer has got some queries, he/she can call you by simply pressing the call button installed on your website. The call will be connected to your mobile or landline number. You can answer his questions and describe your product to his satisfaction to prompt him to buy it. Thus you can win the customer and the customer also will happy with your service. Grab your business and grow your Revenue On Investment. Intellogue is always with you in your ride to success

Features of Click to Call

  • You can pick these calls up on your mobile phone, landline or internet calling option.
  • You get to know where the customer is calling from via call tracking numbers
  • You can figure out which website/page your customer is viewing.
  • The customer can callback or request a call back without revealing his identity Call back, call reporting, call forwarding, call tracking numbers etc.
  • 24*7 support



They just have to click on the Call Us button- and the call is on its way.


Our agents can handle your calls when you are not able to.


Five-minute setup anyone can do, or our team can set you up for free too!


Our systems are built to scale. You can add any many employees.


No headache, just subscribe and attend calls, We care of everything!


Relate your marketing campaigns to calls. Anonymous calls: Avoided.

Why should you subscribe?

  • You get one month to try our services out – no payment at all!
  • No setup cost, we set it up for free
  • Unlimited technical support for free
  • Our Advanced Services:
  • IVR option: If you have multiple departments, we will provide IVR (Interactive Voice Response ) also. In that case, the call will be routed to the relevant department where the customer will be getting prompt information from the right person.
  • IMarketing Campaign Analysis: Measure the success of your marketing campaigns by watching the source of calls.