Intellogue IVR system FAQs

To make life less demanding for the first-time guest to this blog and for the people who have heard IVRS first time, here are few FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about IVR System.

IVR or Interactive Voice Response is an automated telephony system that connects with the callers, assembles data and routes call to the right customer. It integrates an organization’s phone and PC framework to provide automatic access to information and services over the telephone. IVR has many applications that are used by different organizations to improve the quality and reduce the cost of customer service.

Yes, the IVR is a free service for automated telephone number lookup offered to police, law enforcement, and public safety agencies.

Deliver integrated IVR solutions to the clients globally with a reliable way to pricing, design, delivery, and support. Additionally, the site also provides information about IVR system, latest IVR trends, specialized IVR application, IVR software and its uses in many organizations.

Hosted IVR is a cloud based telephony solution that allows the business to communicate with their customers more effectively.

It helps to evaluate about your customer and their expectations by providing network services such as Internet access, toll-free services, local services and contact center solutions to communicate with multiple customers.

There are two types of IVR systems are inbound and outbound.

  • Inbound IVR is used to automate the call answering process in an organization. It is mostly used for the business phone systems with auto attendant, 24/7 self-service, and automatic call routing.
  • Outbound IVR allows the business to have their system call customers for conducting telephone surveys, notification call, and reminder calls.

Intellogue IVR Systems are connected to a business’s existing PBX or system. We integrate our completely customized IVR systems seamlessly into your existing module ensuring secure operations with minimal downtime.

Intellogue IVR system enables the organizations to provide better customer experience, by improving customer loyalty and preventing customer abandonments. The mobile self-service solution lowers the call load, track order status, send and receive documents, bill payment, and much more can be performed in the Intellogue IVR system.

Integrating IVR with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system enables the agents to gather customer information on each call. It also displays the clients profile and calls history on agents computer system when a customer calls back. Based on the customer’s category, the call can be transferred automatically to the right agent using IVR.

Voicemail systems can be connected to the automated attendants for giving messages to the caller about the hours of operation, unavailability and also provide the option to record a message.

Intellogue IVR system supports automated speech recognition and uses the text-to-speech engine to read aloud texts in multiple languages.

PBX or Private Branch Exchange is the central switching system for phone calls, video calls, email, fax, voice messaging, reporting, SMS, and mobile telephony within an organization. It handles internal traffic between stations and acts as a gatekeeper to the outside world. There are two types of PBX are:

  • Hosted IP-PBX – Here PBX hardware is offsite and support/maintenance controlled by the service provider.
  • On-premise IP-PBX – Here PBX hardware is onsite and support managed onsite only

IVR depends on pre-recorded inquiries and reactions for interacting with the callers, giving information and handing off calls to the right agent. IVR prompts the callers to choose from pre-decided choices or enter one of the options using touchpad responses or voice command.

It discovers the purpose of the call, gathers information from the callers, routes the calls automatically, segments the calls by priority and enable the companies to supply agents for resolving the customer issues.

Many organizations and businesses still waiting to implement IVR technology or have not integrated IVR system to improve their customer service. Intellogue IVR system provides value, convenience, transparency and mainly security to all its clients. By adding Intellogue IVR system to your business it:

  • Increases call retention and resolution
  • Provides self-service to address customer service issues
  • Enable organizations to track certain metrics to ensure customer service efficiency is improving like call abandonment rates, average hold time, call time, and customer satisfaction score
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Provides a way of tailored messages to greet and direct your customers

Yes, Intellogue provides outsourcing services and systems at its data center and also sells IVR systems. IVR systems are easy to integrate with other software applications, Windows, and other telephony boards. It also provides phone support to its clients with 24hrs email support.

Any small or large businesses can use Intellogue IVR system to reduce their operational costs using automated systems. You need a PC (desktop or laptop) computer and a phone service that can be VOIP or internet phone service, IP PBX systems or a traditional analog phone line to start using IVR system.

In some cases, if IVR is being hosted in an external data center, the customer may need the software component or data connectivity.