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Get Instant Conversions with These 5 Features of Live Chat in 2020

Personalized Experience

Get Instant Conversions with These 5 Features of Live Chat


Customer is the keystone for the growth of any business. with our features of live chat get instant conversions. Let it be a physical store or online enterprise, the customer is to be entertained as a King.

The reason is simple, each customer is a source of revenue.

The style and strategies of online and physical stores are different. There is no personal interaction in an online store.

The process of an online purchase is intangible by nature. So technology comes for customer support.


live chat instant conversions

What is Live Chat?

Live chat is a simple application used by company executives for real-time interaction with customers over the Internet.

It has several features which include

There is a chat box at the bottom of the Web page. When a visitor opens the page it will prompt you to start text communication with your chat representative.

Then the chat representative can entertain the visitor with any of the features (audio chat, video chat or any other) as the situation demands.

Let us see how you can utilize the power of live chat to bring more traffic and conversion.

So you can win the trust of customers making it easy for conversion.


1. Personalized Experience with live chat

This is the major advantage of live chat. Integrating personal touch in live communication is the most effective strategy for successful marketing campaigns.

The collection of personal information helps you provide the best customer experience. And it makes it easy for canvassing.

2. Customer Data- the source of business intelligence

“Your most unhappy customers are the greatest source of learning” observes Bill Gates.

The data from Live chat is recorded. So the chat history can be retrieved at a single click.

It can be analyzed to understand right and wrong, things to be done and not to be done.

Based on this analysis you can reform and refine your strategy, and implement for business growth. So you can bring more traffic and more sales.

3. Integrate Data with CRM(Customer Relationship Management)

By integrating data with CRM you can make further communications with your customers more effective and productive.

Your customer support team will be able to analyze the previous customer interactions meaningfully. So you can retain the customers.

4. Screen Sharing & Co-browsing

If the clients need in-depth knowledge and guidance, screen share and co-browsing features of the live chat are of great value.

It will leave the customer fully satisfied with instant and easy solutions. This is an excellent customer service that prompts word of mouth promotion.


5. 24X7 Availability

Mostly, people are likely to think about personal business after office hours. Live chat is available 24×7.

So it is quite comfortable and convenient for them. And it adds to the number of clients as well. For this purpose, you have to hire people on a shift basis.

To End With

If you are a start-up or a small business owner, you may find it not affordable. In that case, you can contact for your valuable support. We will help you with the free installation of Live Chat on your website. We will provide the service of chat representatives at a nominal cost.

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