Hosted PBX IVR

Build Customer Trust with VoIP IVR and PBX IVR Phone System

Best VoIP Service Providers for Business

With Intellogue IVR VoIP, you will be able to receive this call on your mobile phone, landline or the internet. You will also get information about the geographic location of the caller – therefore enable you to map your customers – as well as the pages they are browsing.


  1.   Lower outbound call costs
  2.   Integrate remote staff into an internal office phone system
  3.   Make VOIP phone calls through computer directly
  4.   Flexibility in the location of your business
  5.   Statistical analysis of phone numbers – who calls and call length

Win their trust

Build trust the moment you come in contact with your clients. If your business is brick-and-mortar, the communication starts as your shop assistant greets your customers. However, if your business is click-and-order, the contact is limited as your clients usually will browse without assistance. If their search doesn’t satisfy them, it is too easy for them to close the website and look for another.

Capture Your Customers with VoIP

Intellogue will set up a Call Button on your website that will enable your customer to call you directly from their browser using VoIP instead of landlines or satellite. VoIP is short of Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP is a series of hardware and software that enables people to use the internet as the medium for telephone calls instead of the standard landlines or satellite. It is a phone call via the internet.


  • Easy Set-up and Use
  • Reduce Phone Handling Time
  • Reliable Service and Support
  • No Annual Contracts

Small Business IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

If your company has more than one department to contact with the customers, then Intellogue will help you with a feature that can direct the callers to the required department by choice. This feature is called IVR (Interactive Voice Response). With this feature, when your customers call your number, (or using the Call Button) they will receive a personalized response. The example is given below.


“Welcome to XYZ Company. We will assist you with your problem…”

After that, you will listen to instructions like –

“Dial 1 to connect to marketing department

Dial 2 to connect to general affair department

Dial 3 to talk directly to an operator.”

Of course, you can tailor the script according to your company’s need.

In short, IVR is a system of automated phone answering that will make sure your clients get the response from the best individual in the company to solve their problems. When the customers get answers to their questions accurately and immediately, they will build the trust with your business.

More Efficient with PBX IVR Phone System

If you have multiple departments, then you will need multiple extensions of a phone for your employees. With PBX (Private Branch Exchange), you can save cost and have a simpler phone system. In PBX, all of the phone extensions are connected internally within one enterprise system instead of separately connecting to external phone lines.

In addition to PBX, we can set up other basic phone functions as well. Some of them are voicemail, call waiting, call monitoring, conference call, call forwarding on busy and no answer, call routing, call queuing, automated attendant, phone directory, and user extensions.



Highly scalable cloud phone service


Local and toll free numbers with unlimited call


Making your communications flexible


Call recording, routing, custom greeting & more


Delivers quality and clarity services


Easy setup and works with any phone

All of Them in $5

Intellogue offers you the best IVR PBX phone system for your company at a reasonable price. We provide our service at $5/month that can save your time, money and frustration. Time is vital in business. Improve your customer experience and engagement by investing in a better service.

Furthermore, we offer you several extra benefits if you register today:

Free trial period

Free set up cost

Free technical support