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Why Live Chat Makes Your Customer (And You Too!) Happy!

Communication is the key to marketing. In business, your customer must know how your products or service can solve their problem for them to make a purchase. However, advertising and product display on your web sometimes can only do so much. While they can be interesting and attention-grabbing, they’re one-way communication.

1) Some customers need something better than that. Some of them have specific taste or need that they want to tell you so they can make sure your product can suit their need.

2) Some of them may need a little bit of push before they decide to use your product. Sometimes, it’s just another extra effort from your part that other sellers don’t do that makes someone decides to buy from you.

For an online business or any business with online presence, this extra effort can show through the presence of live chat services on your website. With live chat services, your customer can contact you to make an inquiry, and in turn, you can give them the answer they need and guide them to make a purchase.

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A survey found that 44% of its respondents feels having real person answering their inquiry during is the most important aspect of online shopping. 63% of customer is more likely to go back to the same online shop when it has live chat services. Not only that, compared to the other methods of communication between customer and business owners such as live call and email, live chat are more efficient and less time-consuming.

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What is a Live Chat Service?

Live chat, also called webchat, is an application or software that enables you and the visitor of your website to chat. When they visit your website, your customer will see a button or an icon indicating live chat services. They can click the button or the icon, and the website will direct them to a live chat page with you.

Some companies even make their live chat application, or software pops up to their visitor with friendly greeting such as “Good morning, can I help you?” and the visitor can either type their reply if they wish to get assisted at shopping or simply press the close button if they want to browse independently.

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Why Live Chat Service Important For Your Business?

1) This live chat or webchat services will give a memorable customer experience on your website. The experience is not dissimilar with a shopkeeper greeting them as they enter a real brick-and-mortar shop. They can feel your eagerness to help them and in turn will be eager to get help as well.

2) Statistics show that website with some form of chat support get 70% more conversion. In effect, the service pays for itself, while leaving the customers more satisfied, and in a good personal relationship with your business. Chat also leaves transcript behind, which can be referred later, unlike a phone call.

3) Proactive chatting, where the agent initiates chat with a customer, can be enabled as well. This is more of a sales tool. Once your SEO and online marketing activities get you a visitor, it makes all sense to keep them. If a visitor bounces back to google and ends up with a competition, you lose the customer as well as google ranking. Many a time, it is a combination of call, chat and email that works best.

4) Intellogue team looks at Web-Chat as a sales and growth tool. The chat window is strategically placed and configured to suit the business context.

5) The web-chat is effective for a wide range of purposes, viz., for generating leads, helping online customers convert, or for after sales and customer support activities. We use state of the art tools with excellent analytical capabilities.

We need to engage online customers, over a medium they are most comfortable with. It is the most preferred means of communication for most customers, especially in the first interaction. This is because Chat is less intrusive and breaks the ice. It may go on with other activities that customer is working on. There are people who are averse to talking. There are many more reasons why people prefer to chat than phone call, especially in the first interaction.

Why Intellogue Live Chat Service Right For You?

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Affordable Pricing

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Global customers

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Easily track Leads

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Help the customers and increase brand awareness for your business. this is last content

Measurable Results

Measurable Results

Track the Leads generated by live chat team for separate campaigns and measure the success

Live Chat Agents

We also provide customer care support services for those who need a prompt and always on customer care.

prompt customer care gives confidence to customers, that there are people who are available to take care of them all the time. This trust goes a long way in converting to purchase.

Our agents are more of business coordinators who are bent on taking care of your customers and converting them. We have US based agents and international agents(who come for a bit less.)

Our team covers you 24/7 at no additional charge. We can also work for you outside office hours,if your staff can take care of chat during office hours.

These services start from 10cents/minute, with a minimum billing of just $29 per month(including other services.). We do not bill you in advance, and pay is due only if you are 100% satisfied.

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