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The Ultimate Guide to managing business by live chat in 2020

The Ultimate Guide to managing business by live chat in 2020

Live chat is to support not only customer care agents, but at a higher level, managers also. It can be linked with CRM, email marketing, eCommerce marketing, Google Analytics, Chatbot, etc., for proper monitoring and recording of the chat transactions for planning for future reference, analysis, and policymaking. The guide to managing the business by livechat.

CRM Software

CRM for live chat


CRM software is a system that can store information about customers. When CRM is integrated with live chat, you can automatically store the information about the customers who had already chatted.

It can store several data like the name of the customer, email id, phone numbers, social media accounts, IP location, date and time of chat and many more.

A copy of the chat transcript also can be saved in it. So you get a close up picture of the customers without interacting with your customer support team.

As a manager, this will help you build rapport between the customer care agent as well as the customer. It leads to easy and comfortable interaction resulting in better customer satisfaction.

The ultimate benefit is more leads and more conversion rates because every chat means a potential lead.

It fills the gap between different agents who might be working on a shift basis. So a hassle-free conversation tailored for each customer is possible.

It is also helpful in segmenting customers and running personalized campaigns. From the CRM, you can send mails directly to the customers.

Salesforce and Hubspot CRM are useful for this purpose.

Google Analytics

Google analytics

It is a great advantage that Google analytics can be integrated with Live Chat to get more details about customers. So you can get an insight into the browsing habits of visitors and the probability of conversion.



A chatbot is another thing you can integrate with live chat. It allows giving personalized responses that are more intuitive and engaging than plain text of live chat.

A chatbot can support live chat in several ways like chat transfer to live agents, tagging chat and filtering them for future use, creating tickets for complicated issues and many more.

Email Marketing

Email marketing

You can increase your sales by integrating with Shopify, Magneto, Sparkpay or Big commerce.

Using the data from live chat, it is possible to make inferences about the customers and offer personalized deals.

It is also helpful to fill in the gap between the manager and the customer support team.

Live chat report to plan your customer service

To unlock the full potential of your customer service team and to be productive, your planning should include the following.

  • Analyze the total chat

You can check the daily or weekly or even monthly distribution and find out the peak times and                 find   out the peak hours or days

  • Staffing based on the analysis report

During peak times, you have to get more agents to prevent delays in response.

  •  Response Time

The global average response time is calculated as 48 seconds. The first response time should never be more than one minute.

Slower the response, higher the customer dissatisfaction. Based on the live chat report, you have to plan for the availability and working hours of the agents, not to be overwhelming for them.

  • Queue on Website

Find out the days or times of long line and arrange more agents to see that no potential customer is lost.

During seasonal sales and weekend sales, you can anticipate a long queue. To ensure the availability of a sufficient number of chats to reap the benefits of big deals.


Big or small business, customer satisfaction is the most crucial metric. So there is no compromise with it. As a small business owner, you may think it is not affordable to have a full-time chat agent and a chat manager. The guide to managing the business by livechat we have given a few tips.

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