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Setup 1800 numbers in multiple cities @ $10p.m

Allow your customer's dial toll-free numbers from anywhere across the country and communicate seamlessly. With free 1-800 numbers for business, you can forward or divert all incoming calls to any location when required

Look Professional with Toll Free Numbers

There are lots of big companies using toll-free numbers as a tool to increase their business orders, revenue, referrals and many more. But nowadays it is also used by small or medium-sized organizations to provide customer service or helplines without any charges for the call. This helps to grow your business faster and improve your brand image simultaneously.

Toll Free Business Phone Numbers Accessibility

Toll-free numbers make your business more accessible across diverse markets and help you maintain a virtual presence where you don’t have offices. It is mainly used for inbound voice calls and is accessible from any phone/mobile phone depending on the network. Intellogue toll free service ensures that businesses can establish higher service standards and always be accessible to their customers.

Intellogue Toll-Free Services

Our toll-free numbers service allows the callers to reach your business via a unique number across the country without any call charges. We provide local phone numbers that are quick and easy access for businesses to reach out to their customers, or employees. Our advanced call routing options based on team availability and time gives the flexibility to route calls as per the business rules.

  1. Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring that your business is reachable
  2. Call routing options can be defined or modified anytime.
  3. Unlimited incoming calls from any devices
  4. Expand your business reach and increase your sales
  5. Offers your customers a single point of contact

How do Free Toll Free Numbers for Business Work?

Toll-free numbers are the phone numbers that begin with 1800, 800, 888, etc., that allow callers to reach a business across several devices without paying for the call.

Using toll-free number, you can track your marketing activities and increase sales opportunities by expanding market reach. Here the recipient or the owner pays for the received calls.

With toll-free call forwarding service, the calls can be forwarded directly to your business or a personal help line across the country. This allows your business to offer the clients with a local phone number to reach your sales, marketing, or customer service departments, completely free of cost.

The customers can call your toll free number from a landline or mobile phone, VoIP, or even from a payphone.

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URL Redirects

Forward a copy of missed call information to a predefined call back URL.

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Return Call

Call back to the user or auto call for the missed call notification

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Email Forwarding

Update the call settings to get a copy of all missed call information.

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Call Notifications

Get real-time notifications of your customer calls

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Auto SMS Responder

Setup auto response messages for the missed call information

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Phone Attendant

Replace your phone attendant with pre-recorded phone messages

Why Should You Choose Free 1-800 Numbers for Business?

Free 1-800 number for business is provided entirely at the cost of service operators. This means all the call charges are paid for by the business, on behalf of the caller. You can have 1800 numbers or local phone numbers that can set up in multiple cities. The call charges may vary depending upon the origin and the length of the call.

For small and medium-sized businesses, 1800 number can be an effective way to improve brand image and build a customer relationship. Intellogue offers toll-free number (1800) service with a full set of online tools to manage and track your business calls in real-time, view calls and analyze the results of your ad campaigns online.

  • Virtual Phone Numbers for Business
  • Toll-Free & Local Numbers in many countries
  • Answer Calls Anywhere
  • Easy to use
  • 24/7 support
  • No Set-up fees
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Get a toll free number of your choice for your business.
  • Free numbers to call for your customers.
  • A nationwide presence.
  • Fully customizable virtual phone system.
  • Call forwarding, screening & more
  • After hours call handling
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