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We need to keep our eyes open on the internet, to see what our customers are up to when the customers and prospects are off our website. Three important ways to do that are Social media integration, issue handling (helpdesk) and email response.

Help Desk Services & Email Management Software

Integrate Helpdesk on Website

We set up helpdesk and email management software on your website – this gives confidence to your customers, that you have a good system in place. A good help desk system invariably helps you be on top of things, and never miss addressing any issue.

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Most of your customers spend a lot of time on social media, so it makes a lot of sense to reach out to them there. Integrate Social Media on the website. We really need to be very engaged in social media for business, thanks to the inherent networking aspect of the Social Media Marketing. It acts as a double-edged sword: Good things and bad things alike – they spread like wildfire.
To take advantage of this referral and viral nature of the social media, it is very important to engage customers at the right time.

With multiple media, it is important to keep a watch on everything relevant to the business, working on just one may not be optimal.

Team Intellogue integrates your website with Social Media Tools in every way possible, monitor traffic, analyze it and keep eyes and ears open for opportunities coming up. Try Social Media & Helpdesk Services Riskfree.

Call Center Agent and Business Coordinators: Two-in-One

You have the option to engage our agents to man your helpdesk – our services start from just 15cents/minute, for on the go billing. Minimum engagement is as less as $29 – for all agents put together – web chat, social media helpdesk, and click2call voice agents.

Our agents are specially trained to convert customers. They follow up things with customers as well as your staff to close issues. They work hand in hand with your sales or delivery teams to make sure none drops the ball.

Hiring our dedicated agents, you can build your credibility as an agile and listening business.

A timely promotion missed may mean an army of customers lost to your agile competition forever. A complaint responded late may tarnish your social image for months, or even years together.

Unlike any other agencies, Intellogue service will bill you only if you are 100% satisfied.

Try Social Media & Helpdesk Services Riskfree

Furthermore, we offer you several extra benefits if you register today:

  1. Free trial period
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  3. Free technical support
Time is vital in business. Investing in better service that can improve your customer experience and engagement is better done sooner than later.
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